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Intramural Sports Schedule

Click on the picture to see what Intramural Sports has to offer you! Intramural Sports are free (unless otherwise noted) for students, faculty and staff to participate in. Register your team or as a free agent today at Use your Ole Miss email to register and let us know if you need any help!

Schedule Spring 2014

^Captain’s Meetings are MANDATORY- Each team must have at least one representative for the team present.

*Rosters with player minimums are to be completed on by Monday at noon following the end of the sport’s registration.


Sport Registration

To assist in making registration easier, Intramural Sports has teamed up with IMLEAGUES to assist you in registering your intramural team, accessing your team’s schedule, scores and league standings.

The Users Guide for Captains & Players will give you information as to how to use IMLEAGUES.