Campus Recreation

University of Mississippi

Intramural Points Race  2013-14

The Intramural Points Race allows groups in the university community to compete in intramural sports throughout the school year in a variety of activities for the Overall Men’s, Women’s, and Co-Rec Intramural Champion. Organizations may enter an unlimited number of teams in all activities (subject to discretion), but only one team will earn points for the organization. The team accumulating the most points, including points earned through participation, will receive the points for that sport.


  • Fraternities and sororities cannot have more than two teams in a division.
  • If a team is dropped from a league, then it will not receive ANY points.
  • If a team forfeits a game, then it will not receive participation points for that activity.
  • Teams that are active in the Points Race may not designate their points for a certain activity to go to another team in the Points Race.

Article 1: Points Race Banner

The points system banner, which is located in the Turner Center Gymnasium, is not just for fraternity and sorority competition. ANY organization or organized team, is eligible to enter the Points Race. Each organization must report its intent to become involved in the Points Race one day before scheduled intramural activity. These organizations must keep the same team name and a majority of the same players throughout the intramural season.