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Turner Center Renovation & Expansion

Ole Miss students and faculty/staff members recognize the wealth of opportunities to engage in recreational programs and services administered by the Department of Campus Recreation. Structured and unstructured, traditional and nontraditional recreational offerings are available throughout the academic year.

The Department of Campus Recreation is committed to providing the best possible recreational opportunities for the university community through quality programming, extraordinary services, and efficient and long-range facility management.

The last decade witnessed many changes in recreational facility design as well as facility uses. Modern recreation centers have dining options, study areas, climbing gyms or towers, fitness areas throughout and an abundance of natural light. Physical fitness has become very important to today’s student population, and energy reduction using “green” building practices has likewise become a priority to university administrators. With record-breaking enrollment each of the last three years at Ole Miss, our 30-year-old, 155,000-square-foot, shared-use facility is bursting at the seams.

The Turner Center sees an average of 2,500 to 3,000 users daily come through its turnstiles. This number doesn’t include students in the many classes that use the recreational spaces for academic purposes, such as racquetball, fitness and aerobic classes for credit.

Many thanks go out to the Ole Miss Parents Association, which has contributed spinning bikes and rowing machines that multiple fitness classes use. Also, the Rebel Challenge Course and team-building elements received a very generous donation from the Parents Association. The Turner Center recently converted a racquetball court into a squash court using private donations.

The Department of Campus Recreation is poised to move forward in its efforts to encourage and support healthy, active lifestyles for the university community. An innovative Turner Center expansion will meet the recreational needs of our growing student body and serve as a beacon as part of Mississippi’s flagship institution strengthening efforts to create healthy lifestyles for its citizens.

We would enjoy visiting with you. For questions or additional information, please contact us:

Peter Tulchinsky, Director
Campus Recreation

Brett Barefoot
Development Officer


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