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Campus Recreation
University of Mississippi

Bill Kingery Outstanding Student Staff Award

The Bill Kingery Outstanding Student Staff Award provides additional financial assistance to the most outstanding student employees within the department. Bill Kingery was the first Director of Campus Recreation at the University of Mississippi, and he served the campus for 43 years before he retired in 2013; Mr. Kingery established the award in an effort to continue supporting the student employees who are so valuable and essential to the department. One of the University of Mississippi’s core values is to provide the best and most accessible undergraduate education in the state of Mississippi. The Department of Campus Recreation contributes to this core value as the second largest student employer on campus, thereby enabling students to receive income to help cover their expenses while attending the university.

Campus Recreation top student employees receive this financial award based on merit and service to the department, and therefore the University; the students who are awarded this scholarship are notified at our annual Student Awards Banquet. Please consider contributing to this award because of your support of the University, your involvement with Campus Recreation, and your willingness to assist students in reaching their goal of graduating from this great American public university.

To contribute to the Bill Kingery scholarship fund, please click here:

Bill Kingery Scholarship Recipients