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Financial Wellness

Financial wellness involves taking steps to live comfortably within your means and planning for
future financial requirements.

Characteristics of Financial Wellness:

  • Having the ability to comfortably meet your financial responsibility during any given
    period of time

Achieving Financial Wellness:

  • Budget
    • Set aside money for your bills each month
    • Allow money for fun events
    • Stick to your budget!
  • Open a savings account for emergencies and do not touch that money
  • Reduce your debt
    • Work towards paying your smallest debt off first and then proceed to the larger
      debts you owe. This is known as the Snowball Effect!
  • Investing


Stress Management:

Money Matters:

Financial Aid:

Budgeting App:

LearnVest — This app makes budgeting easy by securely linking to your bank
account, and filing your purchases into pre-named folders like Entertainment, Groceries,
Restaurants, and ATM/Cash, or you can create your own.

For more information on financial planning and what you can do to achieve financial wellness
please visit:

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy: