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Campus Recreation
University of Mississippi

Group Fitness Class Descriptions


HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training combines bursts of intensive cardiovascular training with short periods of less intensive training.

Express HIIT:  Get in this quick high intensity interval training class which includes bursts of intensive cardiovascular training with short periods of less intensive training.

Cardio Kickboxing: High energy workout for any participant level that will include variations of kicks and punches to help improve your stamina and reduce stress.  All levels welcome.

AM Conditioning:  Incorporate strength and cardio segments to power you through your day with this morning conditioning class.  All levels welcome.

Cardio Sculpt: A mixture of strength and intense cardio that is taught in intervals.  All levels welcome.


Cycle:  Experience a variety of cycling drills designed to improve cardiovascular performance; including hill climbs, sprints, and jumps.  Be ready to strengthen your lower body muscle groups and challenge your cardiovascular endurance!  All levels welcome.

Cycle & Conditioning:  Cycle & Conditioning is designed to bring you cycling and interval training in one action-packed class.  Participants will spend 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes off the bike performing high-intensity cardiovascular and resistance interval exercises.  All levels welcome.

Cycle & Abs:  An abbreviated 30 minute cycling class followed by 15 minutes of core strengthening exercises and stretching makes for the best of both worlds.

Ride & Relax:  Participate in cycling drills for half the class and the last half will allow individuals to participate in yoga to activate their mind and body.   All levels welcome.

Dance & Aerobics

Zumba:  Bust out your best dance moves and get your heart rate elevated with fun choreography for popular hits as well as Latin music that will definitely get your hips moving!  All levels welcome.

Clubbin’ Cardio:  Choreographed routines to popular club hits.  Take this class to get moving and to learn new dance moves!  All levels welcome.

Hip Hop Fitness:  Join us for a high energy dance workout designed to combine today’s hip hop hits with the latest and greatest dance moves!  All levels welcome.

Mind & Body

Yoga: Soothing and introspective class that combines meditation with body awareness.  All levels welcome.

Sunrise Yoga:  Start your morning off by invigorating and preparing the body to power you through the day.  All levels welcome.

Yoga Flow:  Vinyasa style yoga class that will connect breath with fundamental poses.  All levels welcome.

Power Yoga:  Fitness-inspired total body yoga practice to build muscular strength and endurance while improving mobility and circulation.

Hot Yoga:  Warm up with the therapeutic benefits of a heated yoga class.  With a dynamic connection between breath and movement, this class will energize and inspire you to find inner peace.   Be sure to bring plenty of water to ensure hydration throughout the entire class.  All levels welcome.

Gentle Yoga:  Whether you are a beginner or looking to deepen your yoga practice, this class will focus on the basic principles of yoga.  All levels welcome.


Total Body:  Challenging and dynamic whole body workout using dumbbells, bands, exercise balls, resistance bars, and more.  Exercises will be modified to accommodate all fitness levels.

TRX: Suspension training using your body weight to displace your body’s center of gravity, which requires the core muscles to work hard to promote balance and stability.  All participants are welcome and each will have their own TRX Suspension Trainer to work all major muscle groups in the body.

Hardcore Abs:  Work your abs and entire core muscle group through a variety of exercises designed to promote core strength and endurance.  All levels welcome.

Booty Bootcamp:  Intense glute workout accompanied with cardiovascular training.  All levels welcome.


Rebel Boot Camp:  Prepare to sweat and push yourself to the next level with this intense boot camp style class incorporating high intensity movements.