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Health Promotion is a program of Campus Recreation, and our offices are located in Turner Center 214 (Assistant Director) and Turner Center 212 (Health Educator).  Health Promotion is a resource center for Ole Miss students looking for information or needing help with a variety of health-related topics and issues. Students are welcome to stop in or make appointments with any of the staff to address topics of interest. Our mission is twofold: 1. Advocate for well-informed and healthful choices and 2. Encourage striving for wellness in a positive, empowering, and open environment.

Much of our work focuses on alcohol education and risk reduction. The RebelADE, and AlcoholEdu programs are administered through the Office of Health Promotion. However, you may see Health Promotion staff or Ole Miss Health Advocates in a variety of other venues, locations, or situations on campus. We frequently participate with campus culture/environment committees and task forces, host events at the Union, answer questions and participate in interviews for students writing Daily Mississippian articles or class research papers, help RAs with health-related programming in the residence halls, visit classes, and contribute to the highly popular “Hotty Toddy Potty Times.”

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