Campus Recreation

University of Mississippi

Student Pass Bundles and Group Discounts

Purchasing a Pass Bundle – Students Only

Students, if you anticipate participating in more than 1 of the activity areas that require a pass (Group Fitness, Intramural Sports or Climbing), we encourage you to purchase a pass bundle to save. Bundles can be made with 2 or 3 semester or annual(fall & spring) unlimited passes.

If you have not done so yet, create your IMLeagues account either through the OleMissCR App or by visiting After creating your account, or if you already have an account, purchase your pass bundle HERE. The passes you purchase will manually be added to your IMLeagues account during normal business hours and then you are ready to start registering for Intramural Sports, Group Fitness Classes, or Indoor Climbing. Bundle options and pricing is shown below:

Bundle Options Cost
Fit-Climb Semester Unlimited Pass $35
Fit-Play Semester Unlimited Pass $35
Climb-Play Semester Unlimited Pass $35
Fit-Climb-Play Semester Unlimited Pass $50
Fit-Climb Annual(Fall & Spring) Unlimited Pass $65
Fit-Play Annual(Fall & Spring) Unlimited Pass $65
Climb-Play Annual(Fall & Spring) Unlimited Pass $65
Fit-Climb-Play Annual(Fall & Spring) Unlimited Pass $95

Group Pass Sales

Registered student organizations or University of Mississippi Campus Departments will have the opportunity to purchase unlimited semester passes in bulk for their members and receive a discount off the total cost. Group pricing is listed below:

# of Passes % Off Total
10 – 14 5%
15 – 19 10%
20 – 24 15%
25+ 20%

In order to make a group pass purchase, click HERE. If you are interested in your members having the option to select either the Play, Fit, or Climb pass rather than purchasing one pass type for all, please contact Amanda Alpert, Associate Director of Campus Recreation-Programs, at


Refund Information

Students that purchase pass bundles have 72 hours from the date of purchase to request a refund. Refunds may be processed pending that participants have not used the pass by participating in any activities requiring the pass. Participants are not eligible for partial refunds. Email to request a refund.

Group pass purchases are not eligible for refunds.