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Alcohol and Drug Education

RebelADE uses a combination of Harm Reduction Approaches and education.  Harm Reduction approaches are a preventive intervention for college students 18 to 24 years old. It is aimed at students who have been sanctioned to attend a secondary prevention program for substance misuse and have experienced or are at risk for alcohol/drug-related problems such as poor class attendance, missed assignments, accidents, sexual assault, and violence.  Students often conform to patterns of heavy substance use they see as acceptable while holding false beliefs about alcohol/drug’s effects or actual alcohol/drug-use norms.

RebelADE is intended to help students make better decisions and positive behavior change. The program’s style is empathetic, not confrontational or judgmental, and—

• Increase protective behaviors

• Promotes reduced use of substances

• Promotes healthier, positive choices

• Provides important information and coping skills for risk reduction

RebelADE is conducted over the course of 3-5 interventions, and these brief, limited interventions can prompt students to change their substance use patterns.  These interventions may include but are not limited to: Decision Making Model Seminar, Brief Intervention, Early Intervention Program, Mentoring Sessions or Collegiate Recovery Community.

For more information about RebelADE, please email or call 662-915-6543.