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Welcome to the Collegiate Recovery Community

Founded in 2010, the Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) at the University of Mississippi is a community of support designed to help students in recovery from addiction achieve their academic goals. The community establishes an academic and social support system to address the unique challenges recovering students face in a collegiate environment. Together, recovering students have an increased opportunity to excel academically while maintaining long-term recovery.

Our Mission

The Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) at the University of Mississippi provides a nurturing, affirming environment in which students recovering from substance use disorder can pursue academic goals, elicit social support and engage in opportunities in the Lafayette Oxford University (LOU) community.

Our Goal

Our goal for the CRC is to provide academic and social support system to help students achieve their academic goals while maintaining long-term recovery.  Support is provided by a network of peers, faculty, and staff who understand the unique challenges recovering students face in a collegiate environment.


  • Campus community: Our members are from all walks of life and are supporters of recovery and the development of skills to successfully navigate academics and recovery.
  • Scholarships: Members are eligible to apply for a scholarship after one semester of involvement and commitment to the CRC.  The CRC members work hard to garner funds to continue to provide this opportunity for current and future members.
  • Guidance: Successfully navigating college can be difficult.  Support is provided by a network of peers, faculty, and staff who understand the unique challenges recovering student face in a college environment.
  • Volunteer opportunities: Each semester, student members of the CRC are provided with opportunities to participate in community service.  The opportunities range from sharing their stories of recovery at nearby treatment facilities, volunteer opportunities on campus and throughout the Oxford community, and assisting with CRC fundraising events.
  • Events, activities and trips: The CRC works closely with Wellness Education, Campus Recreation, University Counseling Center and others to provide wellness activities and trips for the recovery community at Ole Miss.  We also partner with neighboring and regional CRCs for sober tailgating, trips, and regional meetings.
  • Dedicated CRC space: Coming Soon!
  • Substance-free housing: Coming Soon!

Meet the Advisory Board

We welcome all current or prospective students who are interested in learning about the recovery community to contact us. Additionally, we encourage faculty and staff who would like to provide support to our students to contact us. For more information or questions about the CRC contact our graduate assistant by email at or by phone at (662) 915-6543. Inquiries sent to the recovery community e-mail are confidential.


John Czarnetzky, President

Information coming soon.


Erin Cromeans

Erin Cromeans, CRC Staff Advisor and Board Member

Information coming soon.

Contact her at .




Amy Fisher

Amy Fisher, Board Member

“I believe that no addict in recovery should be denied a chance to obtain a college education merely because he or she is in recovery.”

Amy Fisher is a long-term advocate for recovery in higher education.  She has been involved in the national movement to build and sustain Collegiate Recovery Communities since 2009.  Ms. Fisher has practiced clinical social work with an emphasis on addiction at both the university and community level since 2004.  In 2012, she joined the faculty of the Department of Social Work as Assistant Professor of Social Work. Contact her at


Susan Nicholas

Susan Nicholas, Board Member

Susan Nicholas is committed to providing students in recovery with the resources they need to excel while at the University of Mississippi.  Ms. Nicholas serves as an Academic Mentor in the College of Liberal Arts and directs the FASTrack Peer Mentor program. Contact her at



Susan Lovell, Board Member

Information coming soon.

Kent Magee, Board Member

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Brian Whisehaat, Board Member

Information coming soon.