Campus Recreation

University of Mississippi

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness encourages individuals to increase their understanding of their beliefs, values, and ethics that help guide them in their everyday lives.

Characteristics of Spiritual Wellness:

  • Having the capacity to be engaged with one’s beliefs, morals, and values
  • Understanding purpose and reasoning for your actions and life

Achieving Spiritual Wellness:

  • Take time to reflect on everything you have done at the end of the day
  • Participate in yoga or meditation activities
  • Engage in religious traditions and ceremonies
  • Schedule personal time for relaxation



Paris – Yates Chapel and Peddle Bell Tower

Stress Management:

The UM Creed:

Students at The University of Mississippi have the responsibility to uphold the Creed of the University. The Creed is the umbrella under which all of the rights, responsibilities, rules, and regulations are based. Although no University judicial action will be taken based exclusively on the Creed, as the Creed is the spirit of all our other policies, an action may be taken if conduct violates those policies


OLA is the central hub for campus involvement.  We work with students throughout their undergraduate career to find and explore their passions outside of the classroom.

We also serve as an independent, fair and non-judgmental advocate for students that may have disputes, complaints, appeals, or other concerns within the campus community.  We will connect with you to ensure that any matters of concern are resolved quickly and professionally.

Respect the M:

The 10 guiding principles of Respect the M are: pay attention, acknowledge others, think the best, listen, be inclusive, be patient, speak kindly, don’t speak ill of others, do not harass people and respect others’ opinions.


There is no place for hazing at the University of Mississippi. All students are expected to treat one another with dignity and respect, regardless of their membership classification or level of seniority within an organization or group. As members of the University of Mississippi community, we are concerned with the safety, well being, and dignity of all students.