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    The Intramural Sports Program at Ole Miss is one component of the Department of Campus Recreation. The program is very structured and offers individual, dual and team sports for male and female participation. Participation is not required, and an individual does not have to be highly skilled to participate. Intramural activities range from traditional sports such as flag football, basketball, soccer and slow-pitch softball to nontraditional sports such as wiffleball or 3-on-3 basketball. Some activities are scheduled over an extended period (5 to 6 weeks) while others take place during one or two afternoons/evenings. Most teams play once a week, and contests are scheduled during the late afternoon and evening hours.

    We hope you will get involved in the Intramural Sports program. It’s a great opportunity to compete with your friends and meet other students, faculty and staff. If you have any questions, please contact the Intramural Sports Office – 915-5573 or e-mail

    For a complete list of policies and procedures, please refer to the Intramural Sports Handbook



    For a complete list of sports offered or to register a team visit IMLeagues. If you have not yet registered with IMLeagues and need assistance, you can refer to the User Guide for IMLeagues.

    Meet the Intramural Sports Staff

    AmandaAmanda Alpert

    Coordinator of Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs

    GabbyGabby Sokol

    Graduate Assistant – Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs


    Kamiko Martin

    Graduate Assistant – Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs

    Want to Become a Part of the Intramural Sports Staff?

    The Intramural Sports program has already hired new Sport Officials for the 2014-2015 academic year. If there is a need for additional officials, another hiring process will occur for the Spring semester. All interested applicants can contact for additional information.