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Interested in Starting a New Sport Club?

The following steps must be taken in order to become a recognized Sport Club under the Department of Campus Recreation:

  1. The club must become a recognized student organization by the Office of Leadership and Advocacy. In order to do this, the club must first register on MSync:
    1. Create a profile at
      • Click on “Not a Member, Register Here”
      • Choose the “University of Mississippi” Community
      • Fill out your profile
    2. Create a student organization
      • On the University of Mississippi MSync page click “Browse Organizations”
      • Click on the green button that says “Register New Organization”
      • Select the University of Mississippi Umbrella
      • Fill out the registration form
        • Your full organization name should be “Club <Insert Sport Name>” or “<Insert Sport Name> Club”
        • Select the “Sport Club” category
        • If approved after completion of this form, your primary advisor will be Amanda Alpert, Assistant Director of  Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs.
        • You will need to submit a constitution. Click Here to view an example.
    3. After completing registration on MSync you should schedule a meeting with Sport Clubs staff. Please feel free to do this prior to registering a new organization if you have questions about our Sport Club program.

Further questions regarding this process should be directed to the Office of Leadership and Advocacy:

422 Union
Phone: 662-915-7247

Benefits of Being a Registered Sport Club

  • Financial Assistance: Sport Clubs that meet the necessary requirements will have the opportunity to receive allocations and funding from the Department of Campus Recreation.
  • Facility Space**: Possible facility space for practice/competition/events is available at no cost with high priority over other student organizations or outside groups. Campus Recreation will explore other outlets for facility space if they cannot meet the need of the Sport Club. All home events will be staffed by Campus Recreation free of charge to the Sport Club with the exception of sport specific officials or certified trainers.
  • Assistance with purchase and storage of equipment and uniforms.
  • Assistance with risk management, event planning and fiscal management.
  • Marketing & promotion of club through Campus Recreation: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,, Campus Recreation website, and use of its facilities to display information. Potential Sport Club participants that contact Campus Recreation staff will be directed to the recognized Sport Clubs.
  • Access to potential local, state, regional, and national competition opportunities.
  • Continued use of “Ole Miss” name and logos as a recognized student organization.
  • Potential for personal development and networking opportunities through leadership workshops: Sport Club staff at the Department of Campus Recreation will provide club officers with additional training and development workshops to continue growth of the Sport Club and its student leaders.

A “Sport Club” is defined as any organization that fits within the category of “recreational”, “instructional”, or “competitive”. If a Sport Club that should report to Campus Recreation is not meeting minimum requirements, student organization status may be revoked. If revoked, this will result in the loss of all the rights and privileges of a student organization. Campus Recreation’s minimum requirements are listed below.

**Any student organization interested in reserving space for a sport activity on a consistent basis will be considered in one of the three Sport Club categories. If the activity the organization is interested in participating in is already a registered Sport Club, the facility space request will not be completed and the organization will be directed to contact the current club to join.