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Campus Recreation
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Intramural Sports Schedule & Play Pass

If you are new to Intramural Sports, create an account on the OleMissCR app to register for events. For assistance with registering on the OleMissCR app, contact Some events will have a cost associated with them and a majority of events will require an Intramural Sports Play Pass. To make this process as easy as possible for you, you can complete your payments online through the OleMissCR app!

By utilizing the Play Pass system for a majority of sports offered, the financial burden of registering a team shifts from one captain to all participants on the team. The goal is to keep fees low while providing more opportunities to play. Please contact with questions.

Intramural Sports Schedule 

During the Fall & Spring semesters, all currently enrolled students and faculty/staff members are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports. During the Summer semester, all UM students (enrolled in Summer sessions and not enrolled in Summer sessions) who have not yet graduated and faculty/staff members are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports.

Fall 2023 Schedule

All registrations open 12PM Monday, 8/1/2023 and close at 12PM on the date indicated below. Purchase your Play Pass and register on the OleMissCR App or at



Registration Deadline


College Pick 'Em

8/27 - 1/8



Teqball Tuesdays

8/29 - 11/14



NFL Pick 'Em

9/3 - 1/7



2v2 Sand Volleyball Tournament

9/5 - 9/7


Play Pass Required

Singles Tennis League

9/10 - 10/21


Play Pass Required

Outdoor Soccer League

9/17 - 10/21


Play Pass Required

Spikeball Tournament

9/18 - 9/21


Play Pass Required

Dodgeball League

9/24 - 10/21


Play Pass Required

Innertube Water Polo Tournament

9/26 - 9/27


Play Pass Required

Cornhole Tournament



Play Pass Required

Pickleball League

10/15 - 11/18


Play Pass Required

Flag Football League

10/22 - 12/2


Play Pass Required

Bowling League

10/25 - 11/15



Singles Table Tennis Tournament



Play Pass Required

4v4 Volleyball League

10/29 - 12/2


Play Pass Required

3v3 Basketball Tournament

11/27 - 11/30


Play Pass Required

Intramural Sports Play Pass

Play Pass Options

$5 One-Time Tournament Pass

Register for one Intramural Sport Tournament for that given semester.

$10 One-Time League Pass

Register for one Intramural Sport League for that given semester.

$25 Unlimited Semester Pass

Register for an unlimited number of Intramural Sports for that given semester.

  • Current University of Mississippi students with financial need are eligible to apply for
    assistance to offset the cost of 1 Campus Recreation unlimited semester activity pass
    ($25 value). This program is made possible thanks to the Ole Miss Family Leadership Council.
    If interested in applying to receive a Play, Fit, or Climb Pass for the semester,
    please submit this form.

$45 Unlimited Annual Pass

Register for an unlimited number of Intramural Sports for the Fall and Spring semesters of that academic year.

How to purchase your Play Pass from the OleMissCR app:

  1. Download the OleMissCR app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Click “Login via Portal” and sign in using your UM webID and password.
  3. On the “Network” page (home page), click the “Intramural Sports” widget.
  4. Scroll down to select a sport by clicking on the sport.
  5. Select the league to join either “open”, “corec”, “women’s”, or “men’s”.
  6. Click the “Create Team” or “Join as a Free Agent” tab.
  7. Click on “Select Division” and choose the day and time.
  8. Click the “Create Team”.
  9. Click “OK” to be directed to take the sport quiz.
  10. Complete quiz and select “Continue”.
  11. Check the indication box on the Informed Consent and Release of Liability page.
  12. Click “Next.”
  13. Fill in required information.
  14. Click “Create Team.”
  15. Select one of the play pass options.
  16. Click “Buy Now”.
  17. Select “Continue”.
    • Invite other members to join your team.

How to purchase your Play Pass from a desktop computer:

  1. Create/login to your profile. Click here to login using your UM WebID.
  2. Hover over University of Mississippi drop down tab (top left) and click “Intramural Sports”
  3. Scroll down to view all of the intramural sports offered.
  4. Select the sport and league (men’s, women’s, corec, open).
  5. Scroll down to select the day and time.
  6. Click the “Create Team” bar just below the selected ideal time.
  7. Complete the sport quiz.
  8. Click the “Accept” button on the Informed Consent and Release of Liability page.
  9. Type in a team name and click “Create Team” again.
  10. Select one of the play pass options.
  11. Click “Buy Now” and submit credit card payment.
    • Invite other members to join your team.

Pass Bundles & Group Discounts

Click here for more information about student pass bundles and group play pass discounts.


One Time Pass Refund:

In the event that an activity is cancelled and a participant has already applied their one-time pass, they will be able to apply it to another activity or claim a refund within 2 weeks of cancellation by emailing

Unlimited Semester and Unlimited Annual Pass Refunds:

A participant may request a refund for an unlimited semester pass or unlimited annual pass up to 2 weeks after their pass purchase so long as the pass has not been applied to any activity.

  • In the event that Intramural Sports programming cannot be conducted due to unforeseen circumstances, participants who have not used their semester pass will receive a full play pass credit to be applied the following semester. Participants that have used their semester pass for one activity will be eligible to receive a play pass credit for 50% of the purchase price to be applied to the following semester. Participants who have used their semester play pass 2 or more times will not be eligible to receive a credit. Students who are graduating prior to the following semester will be eligible to receive a refund instead of receiving a pass credit.

Intramural Sports Registration Information

  1. Sports will be listed in the order of registration deadlines with the available leagues (ie. Men’s, Women’s, CoRec, etc.) listed beneath it. Select the league you would like to register for.
  2. Some leagues may also have divisions(ie. Monday 6:00pm, Tuesday 7:00pm, etc.) so when appropriate, select the division you would like to register for.
  3. Click the green “Register/Signup” button & select “Signup” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Accept the terms of the waiver & fill out the required information.
  5. Click the blue “Create Team” button.
  6. For a majority of sports, you will be required to have a Play Pass to participate. If you have not purchased your Play Pass yet, you will be prompted to complete your registration by purchasing either a one-time or unlimited pass. More information on the Intramural Sports Play Pass can be found here.
  7. If there is a fee associated with a specific sport, you will be prompted to complete your registration by making your payment online with a credit card through IMLeagues.