Campus Recreation

University of Mississippi


Click here for August Intersession hours (July 28-August 16)

Click here for Fall 2018 hours (August 17-December 2)

    Spring & Fall Semesters
    Monday–Thursday Turner 6am–10pm & Pool 6am–8:30am, 11am-9pm
    Friday Turner 6am–9pm & Pool 6am-8:30am, 11am–8pm
    Saturday Turner 9am–9pm & Pool 12pm–7pm
    Sunday  Turner 1pm–10pm & Pool 3pm–9pm
    Ole Miss Outdoors Office
    Monday 11am-6pm
    Tuesday-Thursday 2pm-6pm
    Friday 11am-6pm
    Intramural Sports
    & Sport Clubs Office
    Monday-Friday 10am-4pm

    Facility operational hours are subject to change.
    The Turner Center may or may not be closed when the University is officially closed.  Hours of use will be determined on an individual holiday/break basis.
    On home football weekends, the Turner Center will be closed on Saturday.


    If the university announces official closings/delays due to inclement weather, the Campus Recreation staff will evaluate the situation and will post whether the Turner Center will be operational and Campus Recreation programs will take place. In most cases, the Turner Center will close and Campus Recreation programs will be cancelled if the university is closed/delayed. Participants should check the Campus Recreation website, Facebook page, Twitter, and/or Instagram accounts for hours of operation and program schedules when the university announces official closings/delays.

    University Inclement Weather Policy