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Campus Recreation
University of Mississippi

Inclusive Recreation Statement

Campus Recreation aspires to a culture of inclusion and belonging in which we provide recreational programs, services, and facilities that are accessible and equitable.

Inclusive Recreation Committee

Campus Recreation’s Inclusive Recreation Committee is comprised of student employees and professional staff members. The Committee meets monthly to review progress on annual committee charges, make recommendations and changes to the department, participate in trainings and education, and work collaboratively on improving the inclusive environment for all recreation members.  If you have a suggestion for the Inclusive Recreation Committee, we welcome you to contact the committee chairpersons, Shannon Richardson or Jamaal Rhodes.


Please email Shannon Richardson if we can provide ways to accommodate you in our programming our programs, events, and activities.  We will do our best to provide accommodations as needed. We recognize that each individual has different needs and we are excited to have a conversation with you to see how we can best serve your needs.

Accessible Facilities

accessible facilities and equipment

Campus Recreation is dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming space to members from all backgrounds and fitness levels. Campus Rec is continuing to improve programs and facilities to enhance accessibility for all patrons. Our award-winning South Campus Recreation Center features two Universal restrooms/changing rooms located near the locker rooms, a lactation room for nursing parents, elevators, and braille on our SciFit machines. The Turner Center features one universal restroom/changing room located near the locker rooms and an elevator. These universal rooms include a sink, toilet, and shower. The universal rooms were designed to provide a safe and inclusive space for many members of the University community. We ask you to consider using the general locker rooms if those are spaces that work for you in order to leave the Universal spaces available for those who depend on access to them. Download our building map to locate our elevators, adaptive equipment, and more.

We provide rentable ADA accessible lockers within the men’s and women’s locker rooms at Turner Center and ADA accessible day use lockers at the South Campus Recreation Center.

A variety of SciFit cardio machines are available at the South Campus Recreation Center and feature buttons in braille and wheelchair access. These pieces include upper body ergometers, a total body ergometer, a recumbent stepper, and a total body recumbent elliptical. Please see Campus Recreation staff for help with using this equipment.

Our natatorium includes two aquatic lifts to aid patrons in entering the shallow end, lap lane and deep end portions of the pool. We also have an AquaStep ADA step system in the shallow end. Our pool entrance doors and locker room doors have ADA automatic door openers for ease of travel between spaces and our attire policy allows exceptions approved by the Aquatics Coordinator for individuals who may not have a swimsuit.

Our Climbing Wall is equipped with adaptive chest harnesses and an assistive climbing device that supports climbers with limited upper body strength. The Rebel Challenge Course features adaptive equipment to allow participants in wheelchairs to experience elementes on the course.

In partnership with the William Magee Center, Campus Rec supports the wellbeing of nursing parents at the University of Mississippi. Nursing parents and parents who need to reserve a quiet space to bottle feed can call 662-915-6543 to reserve the space.

For any questions about adaptive facilities and equipment listed or not listed here, please email Shannon Richardson.

Inclusive Programs

In addition to providing inclusive facilities, Campus Recreation understands the importance of policies and programs that are welcoming to all participants. Campus Recreation aligns with the UM Creed: The University of Mississippi is a community of learning dedicated to nurturing excellence in intellectual inquiry and personal character in an open and diverse environment.

Unified Sports partners athletes with intellectual disabilities with University of Mississippi students. Special Olympics College connects college students and individuals with special needs through sport to build friendships and promote acceptance.

Campus Recreation strives to hire and develop culturally competent staff members. We offer a variety of training opportunities to our staff to further our commitment to providing welcoming customer service and programs.What does this mean in practice?

  • Student and professional staff at Campus Recreation receive training on topics such as inclusive hiring practices, gender and sexuality training, bias training, and more.
  • We make inclusivity a priority, yet there may be times when someone (either on our own staff or a Rec Center user) may not be fully educated or aware of our policies. We make every effort to assure that you are always welcome within our facilities and at our programs, but if you have a concern, please notify the staff, complete the accessiblity feedback form, or email Shannon Richardson.


If you need accommodations for facilities, activities, and/or programs, please click here to submit an accessibility feedback form or email Shannon Richardson so we can provide what you need.