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Campus Recreation
University of Mississippi

Campus Recreation Policies

Campus Recreation’s objective is to provide the best possible recreational opportunities for the University community through quality programming, services and facility management. To ensure this quality experience, we ask that each patron takes the responsibility to know and follow the Turner Center, South Campus Recreation Center (SCRC), and Blackburn-McMurray Outdoor Sport Complex policies and procedures. Please click on the links below to familiarize yourself with our policies.

Campus Recreation Staff

The Campus Recreation staff want to assist in making your recreational experience as safe and as enjoyable as possible. The staff is aware of the many and diverse needs and interests of those who enter into our programs and facilities. We hope we can provide assistance when needed and that all patrons will respect the rules, regulations and requests made by the staff. Most of the staff you will come into contact with while using the facility are Ole Miss students. As Campus Recreation employees and employees of the University, these students are assigned roles of responsibility. Please work with them while participating in the programs or using the facility.

Campus Recreation encourages your suggestions, comments, concerns and even compliments. If you have something you would like to inform us of, please contact one of the professional staff or email

Departmental Programs & Services

Campus Recreation members are eligible to enroll in special programs and use certain services coordinated by the department. In certain cases, there is a discount in fees for members. Programs such as Intramural SportsSport Clubs, and Outdoors have participation rules established that do not extend to all Campus Recreation members.

Loss/Stolen Campus Recreation Card 

In the event that a Campus Recreation ID card or Ole Miss ID card (with Turner Center/SCRC access) is loss/stolen, it is the responsibility of the member to notify Turner Center Office 214/SCRC 201 Office staff (so they card may be deactivated), and request a replacement ID request form. There will be a $30 replacement fee.

Assumption of Risk

Please be aware that participation in physical activities involves a higher degree of risk than normal activities. Participation in recreation facilities and programs is at your own risk and it is encouraged to have a physical examination prior to participating. Campus Recreation and the University of Mississippi do not carry any insurance program to cover participants. Participation in any Campus Recreation program is on a voluntary basis. The University of Mississippi and Campus Recreation cannot assume responsibility for lost or stolen property or injuries sustained while participating.

Participant Conduct

Participants are expected to exhibit proper conduct and respect the rights of others. Individuals who engage in unacceptable, unsafe or irresponsible behavior may have their access to the facilities revoked, modified and/or subjected to further university disciplinary action, depending on the nature of the incident.

Departmental Caveat

Campus Recreation, the Division of Student Affairs or the University of Mississippi may, at its sole discretion, make such amendments to the rules and regulations, schedule of fees or facility hours at any time and from time to time, without prior notice or individual notice to each cardholder. Such amendments shall be binding for all cardholders and guests.