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Campus Recreation
University of Mississippi

General Policies

Access to the Turner Center & South Campus Recreation Center(SCRC)

  1. The Turner Center & South Campus Recreation Center are single entry/exit facility. Entry and exit must always be through the turnstiles located after the front glass doors.
    1. Note:  If an individual attempts to use an ID other than his/her own, the ID will be confiscated and sent to the Dean of Students Office. (University of Mississippi Policy Code DSA.200.001).
  2. Participants included in a group reservation must either swipe through the turnstiles if they have an active UM ID card or sign a group waiver if they do not have an active UM ID card.
  3. UM students and Campus Recreation members MUST present their ID card to gain access to the recreation facilities. Please be aware that an inactive ID card or not presenting an ID card at all will result in the denial of access. 


  1. Use of the Turner Center & SCRC is for academic and recreational purposes only.
  2. Organized activities other than those approved by the Campus Recreation office are prohibited.
  3. Private coaching and instruction for personal gain is not permitted.
  4. Personal stereos are prohibited. Patrons must use personal music players.


  1. Pets, other than service animals, are prohibited in the recreation facilities.
  2. “Assistance animals” are not considered service animals, and therefore are prohibited in the facilities.
  3. Appropriate documentation must be provided if requested by a Campus Recreation employee.


  1. Appropriate workout attire must be worn when using an activity area.
  2. Proper athletic shoes and clothing are required.
  3. Shirts must be worn at all times in all activity areas (exception: natatorium).
  4. Denim jeans are not permitted in the Fitness areas.

Bicycles, etc.

  1. The use of bicycles, roller skates, roller blades and skate boards are prohibited in the recreation centers unless it is an approved activity.

Campus Weapons Policy

The possession of pistols, firearms, or other weapons in any form by any person other than duly authorized law enforcement officials, institutional security officials, and other authorized persons is prohibited on campus and at institutional off-campus events.  The term “other authorized persons” includes those individuals authorized by applicable law and by the institutional executive officer or his/her designee.  “Other authorized persons” also includes those individuals who have in their possession a valid, unexpired state enhanced concealed carry firearms permit or the equivalent permit issued by a state with a reciprocity agreement with Mississippi.  Even so, those individuals possessing such permits are not permitted to possess firearms in any non-public institutional locations.  Students and employees are not authorized to possess firearms on institutional property or at institutional off-campus events regardless of possession of firearms permits.  Possession of firearms is prohibited in locations where same is prohibited by applicable federal law, regardless as to whether those locations are designated as public or non-public.  Public campus locations include:

  1. Museums (other than classrooms),
  2. Student Union (other than classrooms),
  3. Library (other than classrooms),
  4. Dining facilities,
  5. Recreation centers (other than classrooms and athletic event venues),
  6. Student health centers, and
  7. Any other locations not designated as “non-public/sensitive”.

Non-public campus locations include:

  1. Academic classrooms,
  2. Administrative, faculty and staff offices,
  3. Intercollegiate athletic event venues,
  4. Residence halls, fraternity and sorority houses,
  5. Laboratories and research facilities,
  6. Ticketed events (concerts, speakers, etc.),
  7. Patient care areas within a student health center,
  8. Areas/locations within a student health center containing radiological source materials or flammable/combustible gases or chemicals,
  9. Areas/locations within a student health center containing confidential student and/or patient records,
  10. Preschool/Daycare facilities, and
  11. Areas or locations in which student conduct proceedings are held.


  1. Facilities may be closed and/or reservations canceled when warranted (special campus events, intramural sports, sport clubs, camps, maintenance, inclement weather and other events/factors determined by Campus Recreation).
  2. During official university holidays and breaks, the Turner Center & SCRC may have abbreviated hours or may be closed in its entirety. There are times we may have to close the facility or an activity area with little or no advance notice.


  1. To use the recreation facilities without a parent or adult supervision, the individual must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Children under the age of 16 may use all activity areas provided he/she is accompanied by a parent or other adult, with the exception of the Fitness areas.
    • Children under the age of 16 will not be permitted in the fitness areas with or without parent or adult supervision.
  3. A parent or adult supervisor must remain in the same activity area with child(ren) who are less than 12 years of age.
  4. Children 6 years of age and under may use the pool, but the parent or adult supervisor must be in the water with the child.
  5. Children 6 years of age or older may not use the locker room facility of the opposite gender.


  1. Food and tobacco products are not allowed in activity areas.
  2. Water or sports drinks must be in plastic containers and are permitted in certain activity areas.


  1. Community, Individual, Community Family, Alumni Individual, Alumni Family, Turner Center Pool Only Individual, and Turner Center Pool Only Family members have the option to purchase a parking permit at a discounted rate of $10/month. For more information on parking, click here.
  2. Questions or concerns regarding parking must be brought directly to the attention of the Department of Parking and Transportation at 662-915-7235 or


  1. Pets, other than service animals, are prohibited in the recreation centers.
  2. “Assistance animals” are not considered service animals, and therefore are prohibited in the recreation centers.
  3. Appropriate documentation must be provided if requested by Campus Recreation.

Photography, Videography, & Other Media

  1. To protect the privacy of our participants, the use of photographic devices, including cell phone cameras and professional equipment, is not permitted at Campus Recreation facilities without prior permission from the Department of Campus Recreation. Permission may be requested by submitting a Media Request Form.
    • Click here to submit a Media Request Form
  2. By submitting a Media Request Form, you understand that:
    • The form MUST be completed a minimum of 1 full business day in advance to your requested day/time.
    • Filling out this form does NOT guarantee approval for your request. You will be emailed regarding the status of your request.
    • If approved, you MUST inform anyone who appears in the photos/videos and receive his/her verbal consent prior to photographing/videoing. Violation of this requirement may result in the requestor presenting his/her media to a Campus Recreation staff member and/or the requestor being asked to discontinue photography/videography.
    • If approved, all photography/videography must be taken between the hours of 8am-2pm Monday-Friday.
    • If approved, Campus Recreation should receive access to all photographs/videos taken if requested.

Posted Rules

  1. Specific policies and regulations are posted at the activity areas and are to be adhered to. Verbal instructions from facility staff are for the safety and comfort of all Campus Recreation patrons and are to be strictly enforced.