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Sport Club Council

The Sport Club Council(SCC) is the student advisory board responsible for interacting directly with the University of Mississippi Sport Clubs Coordinator and Graduate Assistants. The Sport Club Council serves as an action committee representing all Sport Clubs. Each council member has one vote and will make recommendations on the following issues: budget, disciplinary policies and procedures, club policies and procedures, and other pertinent sport club concerns. The Sport Club Council currently meets bi-weekly and as needed). The Council is advised by the Coordinator of Sport Clubs. The Sport Club Council is meant to be a leadership opportunity for club members to be further involved in the Sport Club Program. To contact the Council, email

Current Members


Dakota Burton
SCC President
Women’s Club Volleyball Vice President





Sydney Schroder
SCC Vice President
Equestrian Club Member




Brooke Ridley
SCC Treasurer
Women’s Club Soccer President




Kalon Gipson
SCC Member
Men’s Rugby Club Captain





Maddy Baldwin
SCC Member
Sport Clubs Program Assistant, Campus Recreation




Jessica Crump
SCC Member
Sand Volleyball Club Secretary




Megan Stubbs
SCC Member
Women’s Club Soccer Member