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Campus Recreation
University of Mississippi


  1. Patrons must be at least 16 years of age to participate in group fitness classes.
  2. Proper athletic clothing and shoes are required to participate. Sandals, flip-flops, open-toed shoes, open-heeled shoes, and boots are prohibited. You may not participate in classes barefoot, with the exceptions of yoga, pilates, or aqua classes.
  3. No food or tobacco products are allowed in the studio. Water or sports drinks will be permitted in closed plastic containers only.
  4. No patron arriving more than five minutes late for class will be allowed to enter.
  5. No children are allowed in the multipurpose room while a class is in session, even if a parent or guardian is present.
  6. No unsupervised children are allowed in the studio at any time.
  7. Any equipment removed from the studio should be returned immediately after use. No equipment may be removed from the Turner Center unless under the supervision of a personal trainer or group fitness instructor.
  8. Indoor cycling bikes are not to be used by anyone except during indoor cycling classes.
  9. Patrons should wipe down all equipment after use, including bikes and mats.
  10. Patrons who have musculoskeletal limitations or injuries should notify the group fitness instructor prior to the beginning of the class.
  11. Patrons should always exercise within their known personal fitness levels.
  12. Please refrain from cell phone usage and all other disruptive behaviors during class. Instructors reserve the right to ask patrons to leave should their behavior fit this description.
  13. A minimum of three patrons is needed for a group fitness class to be held.
  14. Patrons are expected to exhibit proper conduct and respect the rights of others. Engaging in unacceptable, unsafe, or inappropriate behavior may result in the loss of facility privileges.