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Water covers more than three-fourths of the earth’s surface. It is the essence of all life on earth and has the power to move even mountains. In the Turner Center, we have harnessed more than 700,000 gallons for your use. Whether you are an accomplished swimmer, someone who enjoys water activities or are just beginning to learn a new aquatic activity, Campus Recreation has an aquatic program for you. So put on your swimsuit and jump in!

 We now have an Aqua Obstacle Course!

Select sections of the course are available each month. If you would like to request more parts please contact

May: start block, x-out, hurdle

June: start block, crater, overpass

July: start block, zig zag, overpass

August: start block, zig zag, hurdle




The importance of swimming lessons and water safety can’t be overstated.  We believe that everyone should learn to swim, no matter what age they are! We offer swim lessons year around to all ages and ability levels. Not only is swimming a life saving skill, it is also a fantastic full body workout. Swimming is considered by many to be the best form of exercise stay healthy throughout our lives. It can be a wonderfully fun and exciting way to spend time. Swimming offers the unique combination of an exercise that is both a great cardio workout and a low impact sport. Because swimming is generally a non weight-bearing sport, it puts much less strain on our muscles, joints and bones. This can significantly reduce the amount of injuries you get from long-term wear and tear on the body. With this in mind, swimming can provide entertainment and significant improvement in health and fitness throughout life.


ADA Offerings

The pool has entry and exit points at various locations. In addition to the steps, we have two other options to assist those who have difficulty entering or exiting.

A Portable Aquatic Lift is available as an Easy Ladder. The ladder is located on the wall near the lifeguard stand on the north side of the pool.

The aquatics staff will also help anyone requesting assistance.

Meet the Aquatics Staff

MarkMark Garneau

Assistant Director – Aquatics
Phone: 662-915-7946


Olivia Raxter

Olivia Raxter

Graduate Assistant: Aquatics