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    Water covers more than three-fourths of the earth’s surface. It is the essence of all life on earth and has the power to move even mountains. In the Turner Center, we have harnessed more than 700,000 gallons for your use. Whether you are an accomplished swimmer, someone who enjoys water activities or are just beginning to learn a new aquatic activity, Campus Recreation has an aquatic program for you. So get your swimsuit on and jump in!

    Meet the Aquatics Staff

    MarkMark Garneau

    Assistant Director – Aquatics
    Phone: 662-915-7946


    ClaireClaire Harris

    Graduate Assistant – Aquatics
    Phone: 662-915-7946


    The aquatics staff is gearing up for Fall swim lessons! We will be adding class dates and times soon so stayed tuned! We will also be offering lifeguarding courses this fall for those of you interested in becoming a certified lifeguard. Keep checking for updates!

    ADA Offerings

    The pool has entry and exit points at various locations. In addition to the steps, we have two other options to assist those who have difficulty entering or exiting.

    A Portable Aquatic Lift is available as an Easy Ladder. The ladder is located on the wall near the lifeguard stand on the north side of the pool.

    The aquatics staff will also help anyone requesting assistance.

    Natatorium Reservations – Camps

    Reservations must be made 1 week in advance to ensure the necessary staffing arrangements can be made.

    Once the pool has been reserved and a confirmation issued, camps will be billed – show or no-show. Advance notice of cancellation is required to minimize fee.

    Extra staff will always be added for safety purposes when a large number of participants is expected.

    Rental Rates for Camps

    Small Camp (up to 25 swimmers)

    • $50 for one hour
    • $3 per each additional swimmer (maximum is 34)
    • $25 per each half-hour over contracted time

    Medium Camp (35-45 swimmers)

    • $100 for one hour
    • $2 per each additional swimmer (maximum is 45)
    • $25 per each half-hour over contracted time

    Camps with more than 45 participants must meet with the assistant director and coordinator of aquatics before approval is granted.

    Swim Around Oxford

    Swim Around Oxford Shirt

    This is a new way of getting you to incorporate swimming back into your workout routine. Each time you swim, sign in and record the number of yards you swam. We will keep track of your yardage by plotting your mileage around Oxford. Once you make the 20-mile swim around Oxford, you will receive a Swim Around Oxford T-shirt. Come check out the Swim Around Oxford board on the pool deck.

    If interested, stop by the Aquatics Office or email for further information.